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Robert Scoble & Dr. GoGrid Exchange Words about "The Cloud"

I'm absolutely LOVING the fact that the SCOBLEIZER gets a "blast" out of moving cranky old datacenters into the Cloud using GoGrid's cloudcenter.

Be sure to check out his explosive interview with us on FastCompany.TV!

We've got a challenge going on so be sure to watch the video for details!

"Exploding" into the New Year!

2009 is upon us and what a GREAT year it will be! The buzz is about CLOUDS and Cloud Computing. People are starting to get it! It's IT of the Future, here and now for you to consume.

As I kick the debris of all of those destroyed servers out of my path and look over my shoulder, I see flocks of new NoHardware followers joining the ranks! Hope you are with me!

Shoot for the Clouds all, and have a great 2009!

Hope Your New Year is a "Blast"!

Whew, I survived the Holiday Season. I know some companies had some servers melt down in the process of serving their eComm sites...they just DIDN'T plan ahead! They DIDN'T scale dynamically.

As I unwrapped my new arsenal of explosives and weaponry, I thought about those poor soles who STILL have their own data centers...wonder if they are working away there instead of drinking champagne and celebrating.

Cloudy Budgets?

Where is my weapons arsenal when I need it?

Year-end budgets and forecasting are hitting us all HARD now. Save yourself the pain and blow away your CapEx budget by moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud! Hardware? We don't need no stinkin' hardware!

As I said before, put it all where it belongs, in the Cloud!

--Dr. GoGrid

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