Cover Your Ears!

Ok, you server-hugging geeks. Has the smell of gun powder cleared from your nose? Still not convinced that the "Cloud" is the way to go? Bullets pass through it, remember?

Now your ears will be ringing with this one! And YES, your servers will blow up on you!

The next Dr. GoGrid prescription for Cloud Computing is LIVE now for your viewing pleasure:

Check it out!

Be sure to send it to all those bare-metal, server-hugging geeks you know. It's a "blast!"

—Dr. GoGrid


Awesome! When can we expect the next one?!?!?

more! more! more!

Can you let me know when you can get this to work, I would like to see what you have to share

best regards

Dr Go Grid,

I've reported your explosive materials activities to the Dept. of Homeland Security.

just kidding, hahaha. NICE work - I think many of us have at one point wanted to take a stick of dynamite to a pile of servers and wale away with an AK.

2 kewl. This will go down in history.

i love to see stuff blow up and get destoryed, but you have a lot of advertisement and hype for... well what?
i see nothing of any actual use to me on this website. fun videos that have hardware getting beay up.. but what are you trying to sell? is there anything?

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