Frustrated with your servers? Looking for a better solution? Cloud Servers are the answer.

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I mean c'mon! Physical hardware is good for one thing only! Destroying it! If you bought it and you can touch it, your wallet is definitely hurting. Go to the cloud and leave that physical hardware behind where it the trash.

I'm absolutely LOVING the fact that the SCOBLEIZER gets a "blast" out of moving cranky old datacenters into the Cloud using GoGrid's cloudcenter.

Be sure to check out his explosive interview with us on FastCompany.TV!

We've got a challenge going on so be sure to watch the video for details!

2009 is upon us and what a GREAT year it will be! The buzz is about CLOUDS and Cloud Computing. People are starting to get it! It's IT of the Future, here and now for you to consume.

As I kick the debris of all of those destroyed servers out of my path and look over my shoulder, I see flocks of new NoHardware followers joining the ranks! Hope you are with me!

Shoot for the Clouds all, and have a great 2009!